Ahmad El Assaad

Lebanese Option

I was born in Lebanon and stayed until 1975, when the Lebanese Civil war broke out; I was sent then to a boarding school in Switzerland where I stayed until I received my “Maturite Suisse” Diploma.

I then took off to study in the U.S. where I majored Mathematics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 1985, I left to Holland to do my Masters in Mathematics at the “Vrije Universiteit” in Amsterdam

After having finished my Master Degree, I stayed in Europe where I started my own business with 2 different core activities.

The first was the distribution of my own food products (private labels) to independent supermarkets.

The second was the set-up of a timber infrastructure in Poland, soon after the fall of the iron curtain, and subsequently the manufacturing and the distribution of different light wooden products to big outlets in Western Europe.
Back to Lebanon in 2003, when I was involved with politics, a passion that is rooted in the history of my family

I have had two parliamentary elections; one in 2005 where I ran as an independent an one in 2009 with a list of contenders, me being at the head of that list.

The results in 2009 were better than the ones of 2005. I received almost 30% of the votes despite all the terrorism that my supporters and I had to go through.
I established the “Lebanese Option Party” in 2009. Since then, we were working very hard to broaden our support base which is in areas under the control of Hezbollah.

In 2010 I established my business company “Pride Invests” and it grew internationally since then.

In 2011 I established the nonprofit foundation “Saving the Next Generation” or SNG whose aim is to break the cycle of hatred, political extremism and religious intolerance that plagues the Middle East.